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If you didn’t know already, We are Londoners and UK Web Hosting are very similiar, often competing with one another. If you are looking for cheap web hosting, We are Londoners definitely has the best offers on any of their plans. While UK Web Hosting has the most experience when it comes to web hosting, you are able to save more money with We are Londoners . A lot of people want to know what hosting company they should go with.

We are Londoners should be your first choice for quality hosting. Their background shows that they have entered late in the hosting business, however – within just a few months, they have been able to make a great name for themselves. Everyone began to use their services. It started at $3.96 each month for hosting but now it is only $1.99 per month. This is the cheapest rate out there compared to any hosting company. While UK Web Hosting has wonderful support, you will have to pay $4.95 a month which is a significant amount in terms of years of having your website.

Many hosting businesses include dedicated servers, Microsoft Exchange hosting, and even private services. Both UK Web Hosting and We are Londoners only have one hosting plan, so it’s easier to compare the two. You’ll still receive the same features such as PHP, Perl, and MySQL languages for both of the companies. They have innovative tools that you can use but it really depends on the user’s preference in which tool you like the best. A great way to compare the two companies is by searching for We are Londoners reviews vs. the other company reviews. You’ll be able to tell a lot more just based on those reviews.

They both have excellent 24/7 customer support but if you want someone who offers the most basic of services, with little support – go with We are Londoners . Their technical support team isn’t as good as UK Web Hosting, but if you are only calling once or twice a year, that shouldn’t matter to you.