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Spectacular VPS hosting and money-saving on virtual private servers

Quadruple space and amazing fast speed for VPS hosting. Empower your virtual private server to achieve maximum output at lowest possible price.
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Virtual Private Servers

The VPS is a virtual but powerful machine that runs on Linux or Windows operating system. This helps our customers to easily install any software they wish due to its high compatibility mode.


Virtual Private Servers Features

Virtual Private Servers or VPS provide many benefits to our customers more than you can expect. At We Are Londoners, we make it a point to give maximum satisfaction to our clients.

Free rapid setup

We can deliver your VPS within short time delay. It is possible for you to have your server on the same day.

FTP access

With FTP, the sharing of files from one host to another is more rapid than ever. You are likely to lose less time in business.

24/7 tech support

e are available at any time to remedy for any mishap. We constantly keep in touch with our valued customers.

Best VPS Hosting

he VPS Hosting is here to provide enough benefit to inherit from. They are here to provide the maximum requirements that you should be needed to make your enterprise or business run smoothly. At We Are Londoners, we provide you various plans like starting from only $ 49 per month.

    • Advanced SAN based storage
    • Fully Managed Support
    • Powered by NetApp, Virtuozzo & CentOS

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Starting @ $49 Per month

All Plans Included

Below you will find all the benefits that you will inherit from the VPS hosting. All the plans that we offer; will provide you with those particular features that will help you in your daily business routine.

Free rapid setup

In the view of satisfying our customers, there is no delay in delivering your product. You can have it on the same day without waiting much.

5 dedicated IPs

We provide you with 5 dedicated IPs which are essentially important when using large or traffic-heavy sites. The use of the IP address to access your website is also possible.

Money-back guarantee

If we fail in giving you the satisfaction needed or needful product, we can normally return your money back to you.

24/7 telephone, email

We are available on a 24/7 basis. You can voice out your problem easily whether by telephone or email; we keep in touch with our customers.

FTP access

This option and process helps you to save time in business matters. You can easily share your files to another host over the internet rapidly.

24/7 network monitoring

Your network is being taken care by our engineers. Our servers are very powerful and they are hardly to go down.