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we are Londoners is a popular hosting company which was created in 2008. To get people to quickly notice them, they began offering free web hosting and this was a major benefit in terms of bringing in visitors. With literally hundreds of hosting companies, it’s difficult to find the perfect one – but with incentives or free bonuses, you can easily chose the right one. Customers love this. During the year of 2000, they even expanded their services and cut off free hosting. When they did this, they lost a few visitors but most of them upgraded to premium hosting since they are so reliable.

With plenty of positive we are Londoners hosting reviews out there, you’ll quickly see the benefits. They offer the greatest support on certain features like their Perl programming language, PGP, MySQL or rails. They also have integrated Dreamweaver so people can easily build their sites without knowing how to code.

One of their packages which is the free lifetime domain will also receive 1.5TB of data storage which you will receive when you get a hosting account as well. It also comes with 15TB of transfer. Most of the users can make as many email accounts as they want and use these for their services or even a place for customer support emails. If you are a start up business or one that is simply transferring hosting companies, you can use we are Londoners for their E-commerce carts and web design. You’ll also be receiving a free SSL install. Currently, the new Windows hosting can be tried out on a trial offer for at least 3 months. This way you can get a feel of your CPanel and other services before you decide to go with this hosting company.

Some even say that the best thing about we are Londoners is that they can easily and quickly host media files. So, for websites with tons of music r movie files can host them without taking up too much space.